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Acceptance Noise Level

Acceptance noise level (ANL), is an audiometric test used to measure how successful a hearing aid will work for an individual by analysing how they tolerate noise in speech signals.


A popular method used by hearing care specialists, the examination has an 85 percent accuracy rate and can help your practitioner to better counsel you during rehabilitation by tailoring an aftercare plan specifically for your needs.


The test is performed in a sound booth and usually lasts only a few minutes. During the examination, speech with background noise will be played via headphones or a free field speaker. Your audiologist will instruct you to adjust the background noise levels, stopping first when the noise is too loud to understand speech. Next, you will be asked to indicate when the background noise level is too soft, and finally when it is at the ‘highest level you are willing to put up with’.


Your ANL is the difference between your most comfortable listening level (MCL) and your maximum tolerated back noise level (BNL).