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Audiology Medical Services is a leading independent audiology hearing care company, owned by the Lewis family who have dominated the hearing aid market for over 40 years. Our director, Charles Lewis, has over 43 years’ experience in the hearing healthcare industry. Initially entering the field with their hearing aid company, the Lewis family noted a vital lack of independent hearing healthcare services in Ireland.


In 2003, with the help of his wife Kay, their family-run audiology clinic was born in Cork; with a commitment to providing the highest standards of expert services to their patients. Persistently developing over the years, this passion is still alive today and is fuelled by our dedicated team of audiologists, having successfully expanded nationwide with 16 clinics.


Working closely with Ear Nose & Throat Consultants, GP’s and other medical professionals via referrals, we guide each patient and their family through each step of their journey. From initial diagnosis and fitting to on-going aftercare, let us give you back the gift of hearing.

Audiology Medical Services is one of Ireland’s leading providers of excellence in audiology clinical practice and customer care. We pride ourselves on our commitment to patients and our reputation in the field. At the forefront of hearing care, we constantly strive to introduce innovative techniques and practices to our comprehensive range of services. Our team attends on-going audiological programs to ensure continuous investigation and development.

We believe individual treatment plans are pivotal in providing first-class hearing care and experience – one size does not fit all. This is why we offer patients an extensive list of services using the most advanced technology available, from hard-of- hearing adults right down to children displaying signs of a hearing loss. Our services range from minor ear wax removal to full diagnostic audiological evaluations, and tinnitus treatment.

In recent years, we have significantly invested in paediatric hearing assessments and are delighted to now offer diagnostic tests for infants through to adolescents at selected clinics nationwide.

We believe your hearing is an investment. To support this belief and offer our patients the best possible service for their money, our team has made a commitment to use only the most modern and advanced diagnostic equipment in each of our nationwide clinics.

We use world-class AURICAL systems to conduct accurate and reliable hearing aid fitting and verification. Our audiologists were the first in Ireland to be trained in the revolutionary microsuction ear wax removal. We have also up skilled to use newer more efficient tools, including video otoscopy for inner ear analysis.

As an independent hearing healthcare practice, we have the luxury of not being tied to any one manufacturer. This means we can provide each patient the best hearing solutions to suit both their budget and individual needs. Home to Lyric Hearing Aids, the world’s first 24/7 invisible hearing aid, we also offer state-of-the-art alternatives from a number of global market leaders.

At Audiology Medical Services, we understand each patient has a different lifestyle and unique listening needs. With unwavering dedication to improving your quality of life, exceptional customer service and continuous support in a professional and compassionate environment, is at the heart of our vision.

Our in-depth aftercare services and rehabilitation programmes are devoted to helping you achieve your long-term goal of better hearing and communication.


This morning I received my new hearing aids and am completely amazed by the benefit to my hearing. Recently an acquaintance of mine, received hearing aids from the same clinic and could not praise them enough. Coincidently I was contacted by Evelyn, I think, enquiring if I was interested in coming in for a consultation which I accepted. Your audiologist, Matt Allen, is one of the most professional people I have ever dealt with and having spent more than 35 years in sales management that is indeed a compliment. His ability to put customers at ease, calm any nervousness they may be encountering and his slow and considered explanation of the whole process made the entire experience a pleasant one. Matt is a pure gentleman, and a great asset to your company, he is the reason why I will be recommending your service to anyone with whom I discuss my new hearing aids. Well done Matt. Kind regards Tony


“Thank you both for your excellent presentations and enlightening information in the area of audiology. The professionalism of your company and the guideline-based examination shone through in your presentation.”

Dr Bertie Daly, Tralee, Kerry

Over the 15 years, that I have been with Audiology Medical Services, the quality of my hearing aids has greatly improved and they have really helped my quality of life. I want to personally thank the team at Audiology Medical Services for the service and care they have given me. It means a lot!

Jack, Cork

“I dance a lot. The Argentine Tango involves following the music very closely. Before, I couldn’t always follow the beat and get into the rhythm. Lyric really helped in that respect, and now I can fully enjoy my hobbies.”

Stu, Lyric Hearing Aid User

“Tears came to my eyes when I could hear what I couldn’t before. I suddenly realised how much life I was missing out on. It was a really emotional experience when you can now hear everything you had lost. It’s like you have been made whole again.”

Pete, Lyric Hearing Aid User

"The single best thing about Lyric is the fact that you are independent. You are not tied to carrying batteries in your pocket. You do not have to worry about where you are going to have a conversation or whether you will be restricted from activities.”

Dave, Lyric Hearing Aid User

“I have been attending the clinic in Blackrock for the last 18 months. I have worn hearing aids for many years and I have never experienced an aftercare service like Audiology Medical Services. I can honestly say, everything is great; from the clinic and the staff. They are more than obliging and always make time for myself and my wife.”

Fergal Lynch, Windmill Road, Cork

I attended Jessica for the test following which my hearing aids were adjusted to the new settings recommended. As always Jessica dealt with me in a professional manner, courteous, helpful and understanding and giving advise going forward in relation to my hearing loss. To date I have been dealt with in the same manner by all AMS staff which is greatly appreciated. I will continue to advise people to look after their own hearing as I know from personal experience the difference it has made and continues to make to my life. Keep up the good work.

Sean, Kerry

“I’ve enjoyed so much more conversation, especially on the telephone! It has really improved my quality of life.”

Dale, Lyric Hearing Aid User

As always Jessica dealt with me in a professional, courteous, helpful and understanding manner, giving me advice going forward in relation to my hearing loss. To date, I have been dealt with in the same manner by all Audiology Medical Services staff which is greatly appreciated. I will continue to advise people to look after their own hearing as I know from personal experience the difference it has made and continues to make to my life. Keep up the good work!

Sean, Kerry

“I can now hear my children speak. I can hear sounds I have not heard in years.”

Laurence, Lyric Hearing Aid User

“Lyric is off the charts as far as perfection. I feel almost reborn. My relationships are so much better. My friends and kids don’t have to repeat themselves, and my whole world is happier because I don’t need to worry about trying to hear someone during a conversation.”

Cookie, Lyric Hearing Aid User

“Being able to hear is participating in life to the fullest. Just like your eyes and the importance to see, it is important to hear too. It has changed my life.”

Marcia, Lyric Hearing Aid User