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Single Sided Deafness

Single sided deafness, also known as unilateral hearing loss, is the presence of non-functional hearing in one ear. The deficit is usually severe, with the sufferer presenting near or total deafness resulting from infection, disease or a work-related accident.


With single sided deafness, the patient often has difficulty determining the direction of sound and separating background noise from the sounds they want to hear. This can often lead to huge distress and social problems both at work and at home. Feelings of frustration and isolation are common when trying to complete daily tasks.


Treatment & Solutions

Single sided deafness (SSD) cannot be cured, therefore many sufferers often learn to live with their symptoms. Traditional hearing aids are not a viable treatment option, however, there is a solution through CROS or BI-CROS hearing aids.


At Audiology Medical Services, we often come across patients with SSD. We are committed to providing premium patient care and as we are an independent audiology practice, we have the luxury of offering a range of solutions to suit each customer’s individual needs and budget. This is why we offer specially designed modern CROS systems in our nationwide hearing practices.


For patients with SSD, we use cutting edge Phonak and Widex wireless instruments which transmit sound from the deaf ear to the better ear. These systems use one hearing device as a transmitter which is placed behind the deaf ear. The transmitter picks up sound on the hard-of-hearing side and sends it to the receiver aid on the normal-hearing ear. The solution is discreet and easily-fitted with a non-invasive procedure. Following the fitting of your hearing aid, our team of experts will work with you through our extensive rehabilitation programme to teach you management techniques, resulting in increased confidence and enhanced quality of life.