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Bilateral Hearing Loss

Bilateral hearing loss (BHL) is where the patient has lost hearing in both ears. It can be classed as either conductive hearing loss, sensorineural hearing loss or a mixture of both. Patients suffering from conductive hearing loss exhibit problems in the ear canal, ear drum or middle ear, while those experiencing sensorineural hearing loss display nerve related damage to the cochlea.


No two people with BHL will present the same symptoms and their hearing deficit may be caused by a number of underlying factors. Your hearing may have deteriorated over time, or it may happen very suddenly. If you or a family member show signs of hearing loss in both ears, we recommend you book a private consultation with a member of our audiology team for a lifestyle assessment and thorough investigation of the ears.


Treatment & Solutions

If a profound hearing loss has been present since birth, we may recommend that you be referred to an appropriate specialist for cochlear implants. This electronic device is surgically inserted into the inner ear to replace the work of the damaged nerves by sending sound signals to the brain. Cochlear implants are a popular solution for patients who showcase no benefit from hearing aids.


As an independent hearing healthcare practice, we offer a wide range of options for patients seeking an alternative solution to cochlear implants. These include a variety of digital devices from selected manufacturers and the world’s most advanced hearing aid, Lyric.



Featuring innovative battery technology and a low residual volume which uses less power, Lyric can be worn 24/7 for months at a time. A disposable instrument, it is completely hassle-free with no cleaning or battery changes required. Simply pop into your audiologist every few months to be fitted with a new Lyric hearing aid.


Just 12mm long, Lyric’s biocompatible soft foam seals contour into the ear canal making it 100% invisible, giving you the confidence to enjoy life without feeling like you are wearing a hearing aid. Gifting you the capacity to hear day and night, thanks to Lyric you will now feel safe while you sleep and everyday activities such as showering or going to the gym will be made easier.


At Audiology Medical Services, we offer a 28-day free Lyric trial, with no deposit required or obligation to continue.

Digital Hearing Aids

We only use the best and most modern hearing aids available from trusted suppliers. A digital hearing aid receives sound and digitizes it before amplification. Devices can vary greatly in style, size, how they fit, design and technology. Depending on your type of hearing loss, lifestyle and individual needs, your audiologist will explain the different options available to you, before choosing an instrument that best suits you. These include; Behind-the-Ear,
Receiver-in-Canal, Completely-in-the-Canal, In-the-Canal and In-the-Ear devices.