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Once you have been fitted with your new instruments, you will return home and gradually adjust to life with improved hearing. Certain situations and settings may prove challenging at first, so we advise each patient to keep a diary for these initial few weeks. During your follow-up counselling sessions, these issues will be addressed.   At Audiology Medical Services, we offer a number of assistive hearing devices from a range of manufacturers that are both discreet and convenient - ultimately improving your confidence and ability to complete everyday tasks seamlessly. From wireless microphones to Bluetooth enabled accessories, we provide the best possible solutions to suit your needs.


‘Smart hearing’ is the future. More and more advances in technology mean your hearing can be optimised, allowing you to experience more of the environment around you and enjoy sharper sounds. Many new devices are made for iPhone and android, meaning they connect to wireless accessories. For example, the new Resound Smart 3D app is set to revolutionise patient experience. With one quick tap of the app, your hearing aids can be adjusted to your preference and there is also a tracking option to locate the device if it is lost.

TV Streamers

Our TV streaming options are ideal for watching your favourite shows with the whole family. Personalise the volume as it is streamed directly to your hearing device, while everyone else listens to a sound suitable to them.

Hearing Protection

Speciality custom ear plugs can help block out unwanted noise for those already suffering with a hearing deficit. These are ideal accessories for musicians or patients who may work in noisy environments or with industrial equipment.   If you have any questions about our selection of hearing aid accessories, simply ask a member of our hearing care team.