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Paediatric Audiology

Audiology Medical Services is a family-owned nationwide hearing care practice with a child-centred and family-friendly ethos at the heart of its paediatric diagnostic audiology services. All of our clinics nationwide use the latest in testing equipment to cater for children from 5 and up, while our clinics in Cork, Tralee, Galway and Dublin specifically cater for infants from 9 months old with our purpose-built multi-sensory and family-friendly soundproof rooms. International studies prove that early detection of hearing loss will result in improved academic and social outcomes for hard of hearing children and their families. 

Speedy Appointment Process

At Audiology Medical Services, we believe that every child of school-going age should have their hearing tested, even if there are no symptoms of a deficit. These early years are crucial to your child’s learning and development. We believe no child should endure lengthy waiting lists to access a simple hearing examination, so we are fully-committed to offering a speedy appointment process to relay your concerns. An initial assessment with a member of our audiology team costs only €150.00.

Advanced Testing Techniques & State-of-the-Art Equipment

Currently, best practice benchmarks do not exist in the Irish hearing care sector. At Audiology Medical Services, we are very proud to adhere to UK standards, meaning our staff are clinically trained using the latest techniques and technologies. In recent years, we have taken the decision to invest heavily in paediatric diagnostic audiology with state-of- the-art sound booths being introduced to a number of our nationwide clinics. We carry out a full spectrum of behavioural and physiological tests on infants, children and adolescents. These include; Speech in Noise Testing, Tympanometry, Visual Response Audiometry, Play Audiometry and more.

First-Class Patient Care, Compassion & Guidance

We understand that a child’s hearing loss can have an impact on the whole family, from communication issues and lack of confidence to decreased participation in classroom activities and displays of disruptive behaviour due to frustration. Waiting for a child to be officially diagnosed with a hearing loss can be an extremely stressful and worrying time for parents. Our audiology team will be by your side through every step of your child’s hearing journey. During your initial consultation, we will talk about your worries and concerns, and take the time to explain everything to reassure your child and avoid any anxiety. Following the results of the assessment, we will explain everything in-depth whilst allowing time for you to ask as many questions as you need. We will recommend the best treatment in accordance with these results and provide an individual Diagnostic Management Plan that is specific to your child’s needs, including referral to other professionals and support networks such as ENT’s and Speech & Language Therapists. The possibility of introducing hearing aids to your child may seem daunting. But it is important to remember that modern devices are more discreet and sophisticated than ever before. This is the first step to improving your child’s quality of life, and our expert healthcare team will provide support and education throughout.

How do I know if my child needs a hearing test?

If your child presents one or more of the following symptoms, he/she may have difficulty hearing:
  • You have to raise your voice to catch the child’s attention
  • Frequent ear infections
  • Failure to startle at loud noises
  • Delayed speech development
  • He/she does not always respond when called
  • Displaying inattentive or withdrawn behaviour at school
  • Repeatedly asks for things to be repeated
  • Consistently turns one ear towards the source of noise