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Children's Hearing Aids

Infants & Toddlers

These first few years are crucial for development and recognising speech. Your little one will no doubt be busy exploring life, and Phonak’s Sky V digital hearing aid is the perfect introduction to a world full of new sounds. Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aids are best for this age group as they are durable, comfortable and stable. The Sky V features an easy-to- use indicator light for parents and complies with the IEC standard of tamper-proofing for children aged up to 36 months.


Once your child is of school-going age, learning and socializing will be of the utmost importance. Communication will play a key part in their growth and development, and this is why it is important to ensure your child’s hearing aids are fitted accurately. At Audiology Medical Services, we also offer a variety of digital hearing aid accessories from the Roger for Education Portfolio. These paediatric hearing solutions will give your child the best understanding of their teacher’s voice in a busy classroom environment, allowing their confidence to flourish as they interact with friends and participate in classroom activities.


Embarking on the road to adulthood requires a device that will allow your child to live life to the fullest and savour every success. The Phonak Sky V digital hearing aid is moisture and dust resistant – tough for maximum enjoyment of all those outdoor activities. We also offer a range of discreet wireless accessories for the busy student, with the Roger Pen transmitting speech over 30 feet away, ideal for larger lecture halls.