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First Lyric Authorised Centre in Ireland

At Audiology Medical Services, we are extremely proud to be accredited as the very first Lyric authorised partner in the entire country. Our team of audiologists have been fully-trained and certified in fitting Lyric since its introductory launch to the Irish hearing aid market. This means our vast knowledge and expertise of the world’s most advanced hearing device is a cut above the average high-street distributor. We are wholeheartedly passionate about giving back the gift of hearing and staying true to our company mission statement of improving the quality of our patients’ lives. Lyric is the sound-rich solution helping us to exceed this goal.

Lyric Fitting Process

The Lyric hearing aid boasts a 75% fit rate, however you must meet certain patient criteria to be eligible. In most cases, those with mild to moderately severe hearing loss will be suitable candidates. During your initial consultation, a member of our audiology team will inspect your ear canal with a microscope to vet your compatibility with Lyric. The length and dimensions of your ear canal will also be measured using a depth and lateral sizer. Patients who dive regularly or have an existing medical condition that requires frequent MRI scans will not be suitable candidates for a Lyric hearing aid.
Once you have been approved by your hearing care specialist, Lyric can then be fitted by a fully-certified audiologist. The procedure is quick and painless, with your audiologist using a very slow manoeuvre to gently place Lyric deep inside the bony portion of the canal, sitting around 4mm from your ear drum for maximum sound benefit.
Following your fitting, we will take you through extensive counselling to ensure you experience a seamless adjustment period. If for any reason you are unhappy and would like to remove your Lyric hearing aid, a special tool can be used at home. However, it is important to remember, you cannot re-insert the instrument yourself. Lyric is a disposable device, meaning you must return to your audiologist every few months for a replacement hearing aid to be fitted correctly.