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Video Otoscopy

In recent years, video otoscopy has brought about huge advances for audiologists in the examination of the ear. Wax and other abnormalities can be detected using this state-of-the-art instrument.


Committed to staying at the forefront of the latest technological advances and providing our nationwide clinics with state-of- the-art equipment, we have ensured our team of audiologists are fully trained in video otoscopy.


Considered to be a simple examination, the screening process involves a tiny fibre-optic camera which is inserted into the ear canal. A real-time video will be displayed in high-definition on a monitor, enabling your audiologist to carry out a detailed inspection of the ear canal and ear drum. Physical abnormalities such as wax, infection or foreign bodies (e.g. cotton buds) are easily identifiable as a possible contributing factor to your symptoms of hearing loss.