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Adult Audiology

Hearing loss is one of the world’s most common health problems – and the most ignored! Just like your teeth and your eyes, we believe your ears should be treated as an investment. At Audiology Medical Services, we commit to offering each patient the highest standards of care, reliability and reassurance throughout their lifetime hearing journey, ultimately giving you back the gift of hearing. You may be eligible for FREE hearing aids with a PRSI grant. Check your eligibility HERE.

Renowned Reputation & Years of Experience

Experience really does count. Our Director, Charles Lewis, is renowned on the International hearing healthcare platform and honed his expertise in the sector during an impressive career spanning over 40 years. This commitment and knowledge is mirrored by our expert team of audiologists across our nationwide clinics. Always striving to excel in providing premier patient care, this means our dedicated team attends on-going audiological programs to ensure continuous investigation and development.

Modern Testing Techniques & State-of-the-Art Equipment

Currently, best practice benchmarks do not exist in the Irish hearing care sector. At Audiology Medical Services, we are very proud to adhere to international standards, meaning our staff are clinically trained using the latest techniques and technologies.   In order to provide the best hearing care and support possible, we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment from GN Otometrics. We use world-class AURICAL systems to conduct accurate and reliable hearing aid fitting and verification. Our audiologists were the first in Ireland to be trained in the revolutionary microsuction ear wax removal. We have also up-skilled to use newer more efficient tools, including video otoscopy for inner ear analysis, VNG and vHIT testing for balance assessments, and otoacoustic emissions testing suites at our facilities.

Home to Lyric

Audiology Medical Services was the very first Lyric authorised partner in Ireland and our team of audiologists have been fully-trained in the fitting of this 24 hour-wear hearing aid. This means our vast knowledge and expertise of one of the world’s most advanced hearing device is a cut above the average high-street distributor. We are wholeheartedly passionate about giving back the gift of hearing and staying true to our company mission statement of improving the quality of our patients’ lives. Lyric Hearing Aids are the sound-rich solution helping us to exceed this goal.   We also understand that Lyric may not be for everyone. As an independently-run hearing healthcare practice, we are not tied to any one manufacturer, meaning we offer our patients a wide range of solutions from cutting-edge devices to more budget-friendly options.

Premier Patient Care & Continuous Support

At Audiology Medical Services, we are extremely proud of what we do and the renowned help we offer each patient and their family. A hearing loss often presents more than just a deficit. Many hard of hearing individuals may suffer from self-esteem issues, feelings of frustration, social isolation and more.   During your initial consultation, we recommend you bring a family member or friend. We understand taking that first step can be hard, so it is extremely important to have a reliable support system in place. During this appointment, your audiologist will get to know your lifestyle and general symptoms. Following diagnosis, this will help us to compose the best treatment plan for you and recommend a hearing device to suit your budget and individual needs.   We pride ourselves on delivering a patient experience unlike any other, with our expert team of audiologists forging lifelong relationships with many of our clients. This includes an extensive rehabilitation programme following the fitting and verification of your new hearing device.

How do I know if I need my hearing tested?

If you present two or more of the following symptoms, you may be suffering from a hearing loss and should book an appointment with a member of our audiology team:
  • Difficulty understanding people, especially in busy places like restaurants
  • You frequently need instructions repeated
  • You listen to the radio or TV at a significantly higher volume compared to others
  • Difficulty hearing telephone conversations
  • Difficulty hearing when people are speaking from a distance or when they are not looking directly at you
  • Withdrawal from social situations