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In keeping with our stellar record for ‘firsts in Ireland’, Audiology Medical Services is proud to have fitted the youngest person in the country with the Lyric 24/7 extended wear hearing aid. Not only that, 14 year-old Liam was one of the first few adolescents worldwide to be successfully fitted with the state-of-the-art device.


As home to Lyric in Ireland, our strong partnership with Phonak, along with the skills and expertise of our team are a testament to the success of Liam’s life-changing journey. This special bond with Liam and his family continues to go from strength to strength today as he returns to our Cork clinic for regular follow-up consultations with our specialists. You can listen to his heart-warming audio story under the Lyric tab.



Change, confidence, convenience; these are but a few words to describe the monumental change in lifestyle for Ireland’s youngest Lyric hearing aid user.


Before Lyric, everyday tasks were chaotic at the best of times for 14-year-old Liam and his entire family. Simple functions such as getting ready for school in the morning, raising a hand in class or passing the ball during a football match were challenging.


But all that changed with the support and dedication of the team at Audiology Medical Services, who introduced Liam to the world’s first 24/7 hearing aid – making him the youngest in the entire country to be fitted with the revolutionary device.

“Now, I can hear every word on the football pitch.”

Lyric’s deep ear positioning means that Liam can now hear more clearly, experiencing sharper sounds than ever before. He is now free to participate with his teammates and even enjoy a bit of on-pitch banter. Once placed, the instrument can be worn 24/7 for extended periods, meaning it can be worn in the shower and while sleeping.

“Now, I’m learning Spanish. When I used over-the-ear hearing aids, English was even hard for me.”

Liam’s self-esteem took a knock when wearing over-the-ear hearing aids to school. He was extremely self-conscious of people staring at his ears. As a result, his grades began to suffer. Lyric is a small sleek device that sits inside the ear and is totally invisible. This discreetness restored Liam’s confidence tenfold, allowing him to enjoy education once again.

“Kay and Charles at Audiology Medical Services, their support has been second-to-none.”

Thanks to Lyric, as Liam matures into adulthood, life is limitless and ready for the taking. You can listen to his story below.