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First to Introduce in Ireland

Continuously breaking the mould by providing our patients with the latest in cutting edge technology and top quality hearing care, Audiology Medical Services is proud to have been the first clinic in Ireland to introduce Endoscopic Ear Wax Suction.
We are committed to the continuous training and up-skilling of our specialist team to ensure first-class audiology services are available nationwide. Ear wax is a common complaint voiced from all age groups, and we are now delighted to offer Endoscopic Ear Wax removal procedures at all our clinics nationwide.

What Is Endoscopic Ear Wax Removal?

Endoscopic Ear Wax Removal is the process by which wax is removed from the ear with the help of a specialist endoscope. An endoscope is an instrument attached to a video monitor that is used in medical procedures to look inside the body. At Audiology Medical Services, we are using a specially designed and developed video oto-endoscope called ‘iCLEARscope’ which permits a high-definition wider view of the canal, ear drum and its obstructions whilst removing wax with a hook or suction pump.

The Benefits of Endoscopic Ear Wax Removal

Your hearing care specialist will benefit from a fuller and more direct view of your ear canal allowing a quicker and safer removal process. It can be performed on those with perforated ear drums, grommets, mastoid cavity and cleft palette.