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Tinnitus Management

More commonly known as “ringing in the ears”, tinnitus is generally a minor discomfort to everyday life. But for few enduring more severe symptoms, it can be incredibly isolating, unpleasant and frustrating. A physical condition with no outward signs, it can be challenging for those closest to the sufferer to understand how mentally draining the complaint can be when completing daily tasks.


Tinnitus is a disorder of the mechanisms of the inner ear where a person may perceive or hear sounds with no external cause. Noises such as ringing, buzzing, whistling, hissing and roaring may be experienced in one or both ears. Affecting one in 10 people, the condition’s extremity and pitch can vary greatly from person to person.


The onset of symptoms may be sudden or a gradual progression, worsening over time. In many cases, the signs of tinnitus will present following exposure to loud noise, after an illness, due to dietary changes or they may be triggered by certain medications.


It is important to seek help from a qualified audiology specialist who will prescribe an individualized treatment plan, advise on the use of hearing aid technology and recommend how best you can manage your symptoms to ultimately gain some relief. With the right hearing care professional, you will not continue to suffer alone.