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Break the Barriers of Speech in Noise

Listening to a speaker or having a conversation in a noisy setting presents its challenges for those with normal hearing levels. But for the average hearing aid user, this atmosphere can often prove frustrating and downright impossible.


A Roger wireless microphone may be the answer to your problems. Boosting your hearing device by providing enhanced performance in noise and over distance, Phonak’s Roger accessories are scientifically proven to help hearing aid users understand up to 62% more than those without a hearing loss.


Programmed to analyse sound levels by rapidly responding to a rise in background noise, the Roger receiver automatically adjusts to your surroundings, enabling you to hear more clearly. Roger accessories are fully-compatible with almost all Phonak hearing instruments on the market.




Here is an overview of the Roger solutions that will increase your participation in loud settings, depending on your individual needs:

Roger Pen:

A modern and easy-to-use gadget, the Roger Pen is a stylish accessory that is beautifully designed with discretion in mind. Aiding speech in noise and from a distance, the microphone can transmit a speakers voice to your hearing device from as far away as 20 metres; making it an ideal tool for use in business meetings, college lectures, an exercise class or simply in a noisy restaurant setting. Featuring Bluetooth connectivity, it also enables the user to connect phone calls and stream multimedia such as music and TV.

Roger Easy Pen:

The Roger Easy Pen comes without Bluetooth functionality, making it a no-fuss device that is ideal for one-to-one and group conversations. Featuring only two buttons, with one simple click you can connect to your hearing aid, while the other button is used to switch on and off the microphone.

Roger Touchscreen Mic:

An exciting new innovation to the Roger family, the Roger Touchscreen Mic is a key addition to its education portfolio. The wireless teacher microphone is set to change the way both students and teachers master various classroom activities in a fast-paced learning environment. With the best ever speech in noise performance levels and documented improvements of up to 35% over Dynamic FM and 54% over other FM systems, it provides maximum performance. User-friendly and hassle-free, it features an automatic microphone function which switches from individual speaker to small group interaction mode based on the positioning of the device.

Roger Table Mic:

Communication is essential in a busy office setting. The Roger Table Mic is specifically designed to combat arising challenges for hearing aid users who participate in both small and large business meetings. With the simple touch of a button, the wireless microphone connects to the receiver and transmits speech to the user. When placed on a desktop or table, it can be conveniently and discreetly managed by the user via remote control and boasts an operating time of 20 hours. For larger meetings, several Roger Table Mics can be connected and used at the same time.

Roger Clip-On Mic:

The brand’s smallest wireless microphone, this lightweight clip-on is ideal for conversational use. It can be easily attached to yours or your partner’s clothes or attached to a lanyard around the neck.

Roger Receivers:

A receiver is the piece that connects your wireless device to your hearing aid or cochlear implant, allowing you to hear sounds transmitted from your Roger microphone. There are a range of receiver types to complement your Roger microphone:

Roger X

A mini universal receiver, Roger X functions when it is connected to an audio shoe or streamer.

Roger MyLink 

A universal neck-loop receiver.

Roger Focus

A lightweight comfortable behind-the ear receiver, the Roger Focus increases engagement from your child in the classroom by sending their teacher’s voice directly to their ears, ultimately capturing their attention. Over half of children with listening difficulties showcased an improvement when wearing a Roger Focus compared to those not wearing any device.

Roger Inspiro

The Roger Inspiro wireless microphone is designed to help teachers enhance the overall classroom experience for students who are experiencing difficulty understanding speech in noise.