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Audrey's Story: My Hearing Care Journey

Audrey's Story: My Hearing Care Journey

I first contacted Audiology Medical Services 4 years ago this month, and I can honestly say they have completely changed my life for the better. I had no idea how much of life I was actually missing out on before getting my hearing aids.

I had noticed some issues with my hearing soon after retiring in 2016, but it wasn’t until my daughter sat me down during Christmas 2017 and expressed her concerns that I actually went about doing anything about it. She had noticed I was asking people to repeat themselves a lot and I definitely was having difficulties following conversations in large groups or public areas. 

From the moment I made that first phone call to Audiology Medical Services I was made feel at ease. That first phone call is always the most difficult, but I have to say they exceeded all expectations right from the word go.  


My initial consultation was with the audiology team at Audiology Medical Services accompanied by my husband. I felt this gave me a great opportunity to relay all my hearing concerns, challenges, and difficulties I was experiencing. They spent time chatting with me and asked some generic, easy questions to get an idea of my everyday lifestyle. The whole thing was all very relaxed and straight forward.  The Audiologist explained how information gathered in this initial consultation can help them log any signs of hearing loss, and help understand my individual hearing needs, along with my goals and expectations.

Next the audiologist examined my ears, checking to see if I had any ear wax or infection which may have been contributing factors to my hearing loss. Next, they did some simple hearing tests which was very quick and thankfully completely painless, as this was something I was worried about before attending the consultation. One of them involved me sitting in a soundproof booth with earphones on and identifying when I heard a sound. It was all very straight forward.


Following the examinations and tests, the audiologist then diagnosed the type and severity of my hearing loss. I knew that I had problems with my hearing, but this official confirmation was in some way a relief to me to be sure and was definitely the beginning of my hearing care journey. The audiologist was extremely helpful in clarifying my diagnosis, making it simple to understand, and answering any questions I had.


Following my diagnosis, the next step was to choose the right hearing aids for me. The different options were explained to me, as this was something completely new to me and my husband, which is something that can be a little overwhelming. Before making their recommendations, the audiologist took everything into account, from my type of hearing loss, lifestyle needs and my budget, which really put me at ease about the whole decision. The great thing about Audiology Medical Services is that because they are an independent family business, they are not tied down to any one specific manufacturer like some of the other high street audiology companies are. They had a great variety of hearing aids, all with modern technology, and they helped guide me in the right direction to ensure I got the best hearing aid for me with maximum benefits.


The next step in my journey was to get my chosen hearing aids fitted. The audiologist explained how important this process was. If a hearing aid isn’t fitted correctly, it will be of no benefit whatsoever. The hearing aids were adjusted to suit my specific hearing needs, they checked to make sure I was getting exactly what I needed from them, and this exciting new chapter began in my life.

When first wearing my hearing aids, I got a little emotional. I was hearing sounds I hadn’t heard for years and began to realise how much of an improvement they made to my hearing. It was even a little overwhelming at first, and definitely took some time to adapt to it, but at that point I realised exactly how much of life I was missing out on as a result of my hearing loss. My hearing aids were giving me all that back and there’s no doubt that since being fitted I have gotten a completely new lease of life.


Audiology Medical Services recommended me to keep a strict diary for the initial few weeks of wearing my hearing aid, taking note of any specific issues or situations where I experienced any difficulties. Thankfully I hadn’t many issues at all, but I was then able to pass on the short list to the audiologist on my next follow-up visit, where they were able to rectify them for me.


Since this follow-up session I have gone back every 6 months for check-ups to make sure my hearing aid is working okay and have gone for a hearing test once a year with Audiology Medical Service as well just to re-examine my hearing. I have to say the aftercare service I have received from Audiology Medical Services since being fitted with my hearing aids has been incredible and has exceeded all my expectations. They didn’t just fit the hearing aid and forget all about me, they continued to bring me on my hearing care journey and their passion for helping people like me is clearly evident. I would have no hesitation in recommending Audiology Medical Services to anyone as they not only gave me my hearing back but also gave me my life back.

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If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one’s hearing, we are here to help you through this challenging process and help limit the impact it makes on your life. To make an appointment to talk to one of Audiology Medical Services’ clinically trained professional audiologists, available at clinics nationwide, freephone 1800 501 501.


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