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Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Listening?

Sleigh Bells Ring, Are You Listening?

Having a hearing loss can be challenging at any time of the year, but none more so than during the Christmas season. We know that Christmas is truly the season to unfold our senses. We take in the smell of the Christmas tree, enjoy the sounds of Christmas carols, the delight of children opening presents, taste the freshly baked Christmas cookies, and feel the warming touch of our loved ones. The sounds of Christmas are vital for making memories, upholding traditions, and experiencing the full joy this season offers us. 


In order to make sure you can hear those Sleigh Bells ring and all these wonderful sounds this festive season, we have some early Christmas gifts for you:


€75 Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Our first gift for you this Christmas is our Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Special Offer. Ear wax is the most common problem presented by patients at our clinics and Microsuction is regarded as the safest and quickest method of ear wax removal. Usually €100 for adults for both ears, we have a special offer of just €75 if you book before the end of the year.


Audiology Medical Services is proud to have been the first clinic in Munster to introduce the procedure and our audiologists are fully qualified in carrying out this simple and effective treatment. With few limitations, the use of a microscope and finely balanced medical suction device allows us to see directly into the ear canal. No liquids are introduced during microsuction, resulting in a pain-free and comfortable experience that is completed within minutes.


FREE Adult Hearing Screening

Hearing loss is one of the world’s most common health problems – and the most ignored! It’s recommended, that from the age of 45, to have your hearing checked at least once every 3 years. Our second gift to you this Christmas is a Free Adult Hearing Screening. You can now book your free Adult hearing screening test at any of our clinics nationwide entirely without obligation.


€1000 off Select High-End Hearing Aid Technology

Another gift we have to offer you this Christmas is €1000 off select high-end hearing aid technology. With no ties to any one manufacturer, we have the luxury of offering each patient a hearing solution that suits them best and specifically targets their needs and budget. From more sophisticated state-of-the-art instruments, to budget-friendly options, we will guide and educate you through your selection process.


Our expert knowledge paired with your everyday experience will allow us to consider which style, fit and design will give you the maximum benefits available. Your hearing is an investment, and we are committed to giving you the highest standard of patient care at Audiology Medical Services; from the moment you book your first private consultation, to choosing, fitting and verifying your new devices, and right through your lifelong hearing care journey.


A grant towards the cost of your hearing aid is also available under the Treatment Benefit Scheme. However, this is dependent on you or your spouse/civil partner’s PRSI contributions. If you qualify under the grant scheme, the Department of Social Protection will pay up to half the cost of a hearing aid or repairs towards a hearing aid, subject to a fixed maximum contribution of €500 for one device and €1,000 if you require two hearing aids. Recent changes in legislation mean the grant is more accessible and now includes monetary support for those who are self-employed.


Don’t forget that at Audiology Medical Services we also offer several different accessories to work with your hearing aid solution. Once you have been fitted with your new hearing solution instruments, you will return home and gradually adjust to life with improved hearing. Certain situations and settings may prove challenging at first, so we advise each patient to keep a diary for these initial few weeks. During your follow-up counselling sessions, these issues will be addressed.   At Audiology Medical Services, we offer a number of assistive hearing devices from a range of manufacturers that are both discreet and convenient - ultimately improving your confidence and ability to complete everyday tasks seamlessly. From wireless microphones to Bluetooth enabled accessories, we provide the best possible solutions to suit your needs.


Christmas Colouring Competition

This Christmas at Audiology Medical Services we are running a Christmas Colouring Competition for kids between the ages of 4 and 12, with the prize of a €200 shopping voucher for the lucky winner. You can download your entry here.


To avail of any of these offers or to find out more information on our services or Christmas competitions, free phone us on 1800 501 501 today. Happy Christmas!


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